Taking a look at Brent Sass’s running schedule

Wild and Free? He sure is. Brent Sass yet has to stay in a checkpoint in Iditarod 2020. He is used to stay in the bush. He lives most of his life out in the bush and with all of his Yukon Quest experience camping out is not a big deal to him, matter of fact he prefers to camp outside. Less distractions and he can focus on his team. His dogs can sleep without being disturbed by other dog teams or anybody else.

I am sure he turned some heads, when arriving in Nikolai and staying just short enough to grab a few more supplies. Running the way Brent does, will keep his competitors guessing on how much he is actually resting. Take a look at the screenshot below. Very harmonic run and rest schedule. Stopping around 4.5 hrs each time. Technically he is not in the lead of the race, although appearing out front.

He can now enjoy the warm afternoon sun, for yet another campout. The weather could not me much better for his type of running. In the meantime preparations are in full swing here in Takotna, the dog water barrels have been fired up! The calm before the storm.