Update from Nulato

Hello Iditarod Race Fans, I have not dropped off the planet, rather got busy with my primary job of race judge. The corona virus is throwing curve balls even all the way out here in the bush. On short notice we had to come up with an alternate checkpoint location in Nulato. Thanks to local help of 1982 Iditarod Musher Dean Painter and his connections to the Kruger Family we were able to set up a great checkpoint on the shores of the mighty Yukon River. We are in a beautiful cabin owned by Shirly and Rick Kruger. They have been tirelessly supporting us with every need. Lots of last minute logistics, and a fun crew of 7 of us here, we were ” open for business ” before the mushers arrived. Thanks to Dean Painter and Larry Esmilka we could even get the big hot dog water stove set up, a hole for water in the Yukon and the school principal donated a load of wood! Hot, or even warm, water is a very nice surprise for the musher! Many families have dropped by with nice home cooked meals. 

Whohooo a meal for Aliy !!!!

The next curve ball came with a change in weather. The days of 30 below are over and it now has climbed to 32F above. It is wet out. The crunchy snow has turned into sticky snow and traveling speeds along the Yukon River have dropped accordingly. It is definitely a race with Brent Sass surprisingly camping en route between Nulato and Kaltag, where Jessie Royer was able to pass him once again. They are both currently severing their 8 hour layover in Kaltag. Likely you can see more on the tracker, than the snapshot I can take here.

We have no internet at the cabin, so sorry if there will be not much more for updates. Just wanted to touch base that all is well here in Nulato! Enjoy a few of the cabin shots: