27-Time Iditarod Veteran Ramey Smyth to Build the New Nome Arch



“I was honored to be contacted regarding the rebuilding of the Historic Iditarod Arch that is emblematic of teamwork between supporters, mushers, dogs, villages, and all Alaskans. The arch symbolizes teamwork, dreams, sacrifices, challenges on a trail of hardships, storms, sweat, and tears,” Ramey told Mushing Magazine earlier today.

We are excited to announce to Iditarod Nation, that Ramey Smyth, 27-time Iditarod competitor with 12 Top 10 Finishes, will be creating the new Burled Arch which will don the Finish Line of The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®.

“When we first started discussing a new build for the Nome Arch a couple years ago, of course my first choice was Ramey Smyth. Ramey’s family has been entrenched in the Iditarod since he was a little boy, as he is the son of Iditarod mushers Bud Smyth, who raced in the first Iditarod and Lolly Medley who raced in the second Iditarod. The current arch will be dearly missed by tourists and locals alike this summer, but we are so excited to see what Ramey builds for the next phase of Iditarod history,” says Race Director Mark Nordman.

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Photo:   Jeff Schultz Photography