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Jason Barron

Hometown: Lincoln, MT

There are no records for this musher during the 1993 race.


Jason was born in 1972 in Prineville OR, and moved to Alaska when still an infant. In 1995, while helping his brother Will and father John at the start of the Knik 200, he met the beautiful, funny, artistically talented, future mother of his children, Harmony Kanavle. They immediately fell in love (ok, first it was mutual lust, but you have to start somewhere, right?), and soon ran off to Montana to start their own dog racing kennel and business, Kanabearenterprises. Since founding their kennel together in the spring of 2000, Jason and Harmony have vigorously pursued a competitive dog racing agenda, racking up high profile finishes in the Iditarod as well as back to back championships in Montana's 350 mile Race to the Sky, and Minnesota's 400 mile John Beargrease Marathon. Far and away their greatest, most worthwhile achievements in life have been bringing their two children, Oksana Cybelle 3, and Julian Fenris, 4 months, into the world and nurturing them along on their little paths. Jason and his family are excited and proud to be returning to the great state of Alaska to once again compete with some of the world's finest adventurers, athletes, and tacticians in the greatest sporting event in the world.


Rookie of the Year