Checkpoint: McGrath

Satellite View

Location: 62.9532, -155.5959

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Population 310 -- Located near the confluence of the Kuskokwim and Takotna Rivers, this thriving community has two stores, a bar, and a restaurant. The checkpoint is at the Cap'n Snow Center and a city webcam is available for viewing at Highlights of Iditarod week in McGrath are the annual fundraiser dinner for the McGrath Museum and the riotous fund-raiser auction for KSKO public radio. McGrath is the last chance to buy aviation gas, except at Galena, until you reach the coast at Unalakleet. Lodging is also available with advance booking. Iditarod sponsor, PenAir awarded their first “Spirit of the Iditarod” award to the first musher into McGrath in 2001.