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Judy Merritt

Bib Number: 45
Hometown: Moose Pass, Alaska


Judy Merritt, 44, was born in Colorado where she lived the first 34 years of her life. She studied business at Consumers River College in California and also studied forestry and wildlife and to be a vet tech. While still in Colorado, she worked as a landscape contractor. She came to Alaska in 1993 “to get back to basics and help take care of family.’ She currently does commercial janitorial work. Judy says, “I am a 44 year old grandmother entering the Iditarod for a third time in my quest to get to Nome with so much I’ve learned and so much yet to experience on this marvelous journey. She says that Karen Ramstead told her years ago that it isn’t luck that gets you to Nome but perseverance and determination and “a little work never hurts.” Judy says, “I have the confidence and determination to get to Nome in 2005. I continue to be a dog driver but mostly the team allows me to hang on.” Before she came to Alaska in 1993, she worked there as a landscape contractor. She began mushing in 1994 and became interested in the Iditarod when her brother-in-law ran in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Judy and Bill have five adult children and two grandchildren. Judy belongs to P.R.I.D.E. and says in her spare time she enjoys gardening, dogs and vet medicine.


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2005 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Anchorage 3/05 10:00:00 12 3/05 11:36:00 12 1h 36m
Campbell Airstrip 3/05 12:50:00 12 1h 14m
Willow 3/06 15:26:00 15 59
Yentna 3/06 20:17:00 15 3/06 22:18:00 15 2h 1m 4h 51m 9.28 45
Skwentna 3/07 03:17:00 15 3/07 13:47:00 13 10h 30m 4h 59m 6.82 34
Finger Lake 3/07 18:21:00 13 3/08 07:05:00 13 12h 44m 4h 34m 9.85 45
Rainy Pass 3/08 14:44:00 13 7h 39m 3.92 Scratched 30