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Lynton McLean

Hometown: Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa


Lynton McClean, 59, was born in South Africa where he lived and farmed for 30 years. He says he first became interested in the Iditarod back in 1983 after he read an article in the Reader’s Digest. “I kept this article for 20 years, having it as a dream to be able to one day participate in the Race.” Since retiring from farming in South Africa and moving to England, “that dream has been re-awakened.” He came to Anchorage last year to watch the start of the Race and then realized that there was a possibility he could participate in 2005. He will be training with Tonya Schlentner at Denali West Lodge and looks forward to the opportunity of experiencing Alaskan adventure and taking part in the Race. Since his retirement, he took up farming in England and enjoys outdoor activities, sport fishing and hunting. He is married to Carol.


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