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Peryll Kyzer

Hometown: Willow, Alaska


Peryll Kyzer, 51, was born and raised in Alaska and graduated from Dimond High School in Anchorage. She began mushing in the 80’s and has run the Iditarod often since her first race in 1988.

Peryll has been a goat farmer for the last 20 years. Peryll says, “Since I have an eager group of young dogs since my most competitive years in the mid 90’s, I’ve asked myself why not keep running (if not racing) the Iditarod. I enjoy the trail and the volunteers and it seems to balance well with the ‘goat time’ I spend in the summer months. I enjoy coming home to the late spring in Hatcher Pass where I can still run dogs through April before the goats start kidding.”

Peryll lists her hobby as gardening.