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Paul Pettyjohn

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska


Paul Pettyjohn, 43, was born in Saskatchewan. He graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in zoology and from Texas Tech with a degree in occupational therapy. He came to Alaska in 1999 to work and to run dogs, after having begun to mush in 1985. Paul says,” I am a pretty simple guy with a pretty simple team. We have very precise goals and objectives and train and prepare accordingly.” He says he has invested years of study and preparation for ultra distance events. He shares his interest and work equally between his dogs and humans. “I have approached this part of my life with a passion driven partially by the desire to enhance both the dogs’ and drivers’ physical and mental outcome. I hope my work can be absorbed by those in this sport, as well as by those who participate fully in the game of life. Paul also enjoys long distance bicycle racing, training and consulting to world-class athletes, canoeing and triathlon. He and Linda are the parents of Stephen, 19 and Kristian, 17.