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Jan Steves

Bib Number: 25
Hometown: Willow, Alaska


Jan Steves, 60, was born and raised in Edmonds, Washington. In 2009, she moved to Alaska to run dogs and train for the Iditarod. A 1974 graduate of Edmonds High School, she attended the University of Washington. She is currently employed in musher property management. She began mushing in 2008 and says she became interested in the Iditarod “when I first spent time with sled dogs in 2007.” “I had a dream,” she says. Jan is the mother of three adult children, Nicole, Tyler, and Kelsey. She is a member of Willow Dog Mushers and Everett Mountaineers. She lists her hobbies as hiking, boating, fishing and skiing.


Amy Young/Rio Chows and Fur’s Gonna Fly, GA
Intuition Sports, Inc., BC CANADA
Demetri's Woodstone Taverna, WA
Sarah/Jeramy Gual
Becky Loveless
Alpine Outfitters, CA
Spenard Builders
Sharon Heiny
Spencer Bryant
Alexander Bertelsen, WA
Helga Byher, WA
Nancy Edwards, WA
Gwenn/Dave Bogart
Angie Taggart
Cheryl Jonson/Clatsop Paddle Company, OR

Stephanie/Dawn Ledbeter-Thorp
Buddy Giddens
Dean Nygaard/John L Scott REal Estate, WA
Intuition Liners, BC CANADA
First Choice Physical Therapy
Sharon Taylor
Vern Halter
Christine Roalofs
Krista Fee
1 Precision Painting/Debra Shepersky
Ted/Paula English
Linda/Larry Cline
Wade Marrs
Ruth BetheaCarrie/Todd Smoldon
Special thanks to the many,many people far and wide who helped us in so many different ways after the wildfire which took our home and kennel

2016 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Anchorage 3/05 10:50:00 16 3/05 10:50:00 16 0h 0m
Willow 3/06 14:46:00 16
Yentna 3/06 19:07:00 16 3/06 23:33:00 16 4h 26m 4h 21m 9.66 42
Skwentna 3/07 03:12:00 16 3h 39m 8.22 Scratched 30