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Quince Mountain

Hometown: Mountain, WI


32 Year Old Quince Mountain is a rookie from Mountain Wisconsin. Quince says, I never expected to get into this sport–I’m allergic to dogs!–but I fell in love and wanted to share in my girlfriend’s longtime interest. Once I was on the runners, how could I not love being pulled through a snowy forest by a team of eager, gorgeous Alaskan huskies? It felt like a magical return to some kind of bucolic, laugh-ridden childhood I never actually had.

I applied for a summer job with Seavey’s Iditaride so I could learn more—and now I recommend other aspiring newer mushers learn by working for an established tour kennel, too. I first became involved in the race itself a few years ago as a volunteer on the trail (Return Dog Crew) and helping Ryan Redington and Justin Stielstra travel to AK and prep for their race. I had the deep privilege of staying with Barb and Raymie Redington as we awaited the race, and it felt like living in the fountainhead of mushing. Doggier people I have never encountered. The following two years, I supported my wife Blair Braverman (we got married!), helping to train and travel with our dogs as she qualified for and completed her rookie Iditarod. Now, I’m inspired by her accomplishment and looking forward to my own rookie race.


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