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Karin Hendrickson

Hometown: Willow, , Alaska


I saw my first sled dog in March of 2002 when I came up to volunteer for the Iditarod. by 2003 had sold everything I owned, quit my job and moved to Alaska to become a handler. After two years as a handler I tried to quit my dog habit. That didn’t last long – I was miserable without dogs! I started building my own team in 2006. I really never expected to do any racing, much less run the Iditarod! I am not too sure how it all happened but just two years later I found myself signed up for my first Iditarod.

2022 will be my 10th Iditarod. I was hit by a truck while training in 2014. Luckily all my dogs were ok but I broke my back in three places. It has been a real challenge to work through the pain and loss of function but I was not ready to quit doing what I love – running dogs in the amazing wilderness of Alaska. I am one of a very few mushers to work full time through the winter. My biggest challenge is trying to fit training and racing around the demands of my job. It is just this side of impossible to get everything done but somehow, with a lot of help from friends, I make it happen.

Frank Galli
Denise Van Huele
Andy and Kai
Gwen Rodman (mom)
Sandra, in memory of Richard Hendrickson
Bering Sea Animal Clinic/Bob Sept DVM
Dave & Colleen Dye
Steve Hancock


Gwen Rodman, CA
Charlotte Cassin, TX
Denise Van Huele, CO
Julie Reimer and Diane Bedell, WA

Everett Mundkowsky, CA
Sandra Hendrickson, OR
Bob Sept DVM/Bering Sea Animal Clinic, AK