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Thomas Waerner

Hometown: Torpa, NORWAY


Thomas Waerner, 47, was born in England and raised in Norway. He moved to a mountain in Torpa, Synnfjell, in 1991 because it was a perfect place for mushing. He started mushing with sled dogs in 1984. He was a dog handler for Iditarod musher Roger Legaard in 1990 as well as Charlie Champagne and Roxy Wright in 1991. Thomas started sprint racing in Europe and Alaska. He started long-distance racing in 2003 and ran the Iditarod in 2015, finishing in 17th place and garnering rookie of the year honors. Thomas shared that his dogs are big and strong and a lot of attitude. His team won both the Femund and Finnmark races this last season.

Thomas’s wife Guro, is a veterinarian who plays a big role in maintaining their kennel’s quality of life. Thomas and Guru have a big family that includes Herman, William, Alba, Alvar, Frida.

Thomas runs an electrical company with 14 employees. When he’s not working or on the trails with his dogs, he says he enjoys “old muscle cars – especially Mustangs.”