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Cody Strathe

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska


Cody Strathe, 40, was born and raised in Iowa and Wisconsin. He received a BS in Natural Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, in 2001. He first came to Alaska after college in 2001 as a canoe and backcountry guide and “got hooked.” He moved to Fairbanks to go to graduate school for archaeology, where he graduated with a Masters in anthropology in 2009. He has been working as a sled builder and archeologist for the last 11 years. Cody says, “I am an explorer at heart. Being out in the wild areas of Alaska is what makes me happiest, regardless of the season.” During the summer, Cody wears many hats when it comes to a profession. Cody and his wife, Paige, also an Iditarod veteran, own Spearfish Research, a fisheries and archaeology consulting company. This past summer, Cody worked with subsistence salmon fishers along the Yukon River to teach them how to collect scientific data from their catch. Some summers, he does archeological survey work in very remote areas of Arctic Alaska. In between field jobs, Cody builds custom dogsleds for other mushers through his company, DogPaddle Designs. He also builds custom handcrafted paddles and wooden boats. When fall comes, all of Cody’s time and energy is devoted to the mental and physical training of himself and of Team Squid. He began mushing in 2006 and says, “I first became interested in running the Iditarod He became interested in running the Iditarod after finishing the 2013 Yukon Quest. Both Cody and Paige ran the2016 Yukon Quest and the Iditarod, becoming the first couple to run both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod in the same season. Our lives revolve around our dogs physical and mental well being. We live at an off-grid homestead in the Alaska Range where we train and have fun with our dogs year round. We also offer year-round kennel tours and winter dog mushing experiences. When not mushing I build dog sleds and wooden boats for our company DogPaddle Designs. I also work part-time as an archaeologist and biologist on remote field projects around Alaska.