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2022 Iditarod » Mushers » Kaitlin Leddy

Kaitlin Leddy

Hometown: Talkeetna, Alaska


Growing up in New Mexico I was always too warm, I was that weird kid walking around in a t-shirt below freezing mid-winter. After getting my Master’s degree in Molecular Biology in Colorado, I decided I felt more comfortable living in the remote and the cold…Alaska was the obvious choice. Immediately after moving here I knew I wanted to somehow get involved with sled dogs, I’m an animal lover to a fault. My partner and I accidentally stumbled into working with Dallas Seavey in 2018, and his kennel and the dogs in it have become our entire lives. The majority of dogs in my team are pups I’ve raised since birth and they are my best friends. We started as a gaggle of equally clueless musher and puppies and now here we are, ready for Iditarod and whatever challenges it throws our way. We’ve learned a lot the hard way over the years but I’m confident as long as me and my team are together we can handle anything