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Rob Cooke

Hometown: Whitehorse, YT, CANADA


Have been racing Siberian Huskies since 1998, firstly taking part in dryland sprint in the UK, then short to mid-distance on the East Coast before taking part in long distance from 2012 onward. I originally came to North America in 2005 on an exchange from the UK Royal Navy with the Canadian Air Force but always with the intention of running the Yukon Quest. After realizing a dream and finishing the Quest in 2013 I thought I would try the next challenge and enter for Quest and Iditarod in 2015, going on to finish both races. We repeated the feat in 2016. The goal is to run the race with a whole team that have not previously finished Iditarod, show them the trail and have fun whilst remembering the dogs from the kennel that have gone before.

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