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2024 Iditarod » Mushers » Jacob Witkop

Jacob Witkop

Hometown: Salcha, Alaska


As a kid in Massena, NY, Jake recruited dogs from around the neighborhood to help him get to friends’ houses to play pond hockey. He became obsessed with mushing and after college he packed the essentials– a pair of underwear, a guitar, and his first sled dogs Hatfield and McCoy– into his Prius and headed to Michigan then Alaska to learn to mush.

Jake is excited to run his rookie Iditarod with the dogs that he has grown up with in the sport of mushing, Hatfield and McCoy, although a little old to race now, will be excited to see Jake and the crew when they get home.

Becky – for sharing this crazy life with me.
Mom and Dad – for encouraging me to go outside the box and chase my dream.
The kennel crew at home – couldn’t have done it without all of your hard work this year!
Arleigh, Ken and Lori – my first mentors and good friends that helped create the kennel I have today.