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Isaac Teaford

Hometown: Talkeetna, Alaska


Isaac Teaford was born in Kennewick, Washington and grew up mostly around Salt Lake City, Utah. After traveling the world with the Navy and serving two deployments overseas, Isaac set out for Alaska where he guided everything from fly-out pack rafting and backpacking trips in the bush, to ice climbing and back country skiing. Isaac is no stranger to adversity and harsh conditions. His love for dog mushing brought him to Dallas Seavey’s kennel in Talkeetna Alaska, where he now calls home. After finishing several mid-distance races (Ididntrod 200, Knik 200, Willow 300) Dallas decided it was time to see what Isaac could do with a competitive team in the Yukon Quest 300 last year. His 2nd place finish only further fueled his Iditarod fire. Isaac has trained at the Dallas Seavey racing kennel for five years and has raised the dogs in harness before him since puppies.