Kennel Standards Agreement

    2023 ITC Kennel Standards Agreement

    Motion approved by the ITC Board of Directors on 06/08/18, released 2019.

    "Mushers who enter the 2023 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race shall voluntarily comply with the MWP kennel standards and shall self-certify. ITC will not independently inspect except for cause or reasonable suspicion"

    - WATER All dogs are provided with adequate amounts of clean water every day.

    - SHELTER Every dog has full access to a shelter adequate for the conditions (protection from wind/rain/snow/direct sun).

    - DIET Dogs are offered a diet which is complete and wholesome and provided in amounts adequate to maintain normal body condition for the environmental conditions and amount of exercise. All dogs should be adequately fed and watered at least once a day, except as dictated by veterinary treatment, normal fasts, or professionally accepted practices.

    - CONFINEMENT Dogs are confined in a manner that is safe and free of hazards (i.e. no sharp metal, protruding nails, debris)

    a. lf tethered, the tethers or chains are tangle

    - free and of a sufficient length to allow freedom of movement and adequate exercise.

    b. lf kept in runs, they are constructed of chain

    - link or wire fencing that is secure and all openings are small enough to prevent entrapment injury to limbs or head.

    - FECES Stools are removed daily from the kennel area and are disposed of in a sanitary and legal manner.

    - ESTRUS lf intact females (bitches) are kept on the premises, a confinement method is available which can safely house them under conditions within the guidelines and prevent unplanned breeding.

    - SOCIALIZATION Most dogs should be adequately socialized to the point of allowing contact with humans without aggressive behaviors such as baring of teeth, growling, signs of fear

    - biter posturing or attempting to bite (without provocation). Dogs exhibiting maladaptive or pathological behavior which could result in self

    - injury, injury to others, or other undesirable consequences are being managed with an acceptable program for accommodation or remediation.


    - all dogs are provided with a basic quality of life. Each dog is given adequate and appropriate opportunities to engage in beneficial species

    - typical behaviors and activities. No dog is forced to live under pain or distress without veterinary intervention for relief from pain/suffering.

    - ROUTINE TRANSPORTATION Adequate containers are used for the transportation and confinement of dogs during travel. These containers must provide sufficient space for each dog to turn about freely and make normal postural adjustments. Where appropriate, the dogs' movement may be restricted when freedom of movement would constitute a danger to the dog, handlers, or other animals or persons

    a. All dogs have current vaccinations as required by local law.

    I hereby certify that my kennel meets the ITC Kennel Standards as set out by MUSH with PRIDE in their 2019 Kennel Inspection Document.

    I agree

    Read and check "I Agree" above by your signature to submit the application.