We are the Iditarod!


Today, the Iditarod announces an annual fundraising campaign that will preserve the Iditarod heritage for future generations, benefit the health and happiness of dogs around the world, deliver educational programs and honor the indomitable spirit of the Alaskan mushing culture.  “WE ARE THE IDITAROD – preserving yesterday by protecting tomorrow, today” has the goal of raising $500,000 before the ceremonial start of the 50th Anniversary of the race, held in Anchorage Alaska on March 5, 2022.

The funds will be used to:

  • Continue to provide exemplary dog care and conduct research on dog health leading to discoveries that improve the lives of all dogs.
  • Create educational programs in math, literacy, social studies, language arts, science, health and fitness, technology, arts, and character education.
  • Protect Alaska’s heritage through programs that leverage the exposure of the Iditarod to drive community well-being and consciousness.

The Iditarod will be offering unique commemorative gifts with donations. For a contribution of $150 – $499 a donor will receive a set of Iditarod screen printed dog booties, for a contribution of $500 – $999 donors will receive an Iditarod branded cutting board, and contributions of $1,000 or more donors will receive an Iditarod embroidered jacket.

Gift offer is available through December 31.


Donate Today!


For more on the campaign and to make a contribution visit https://www.mightycause.com/story/Wearetheiditarod.