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Run Dogs RunMarch 6, 2013 1:30 am

Stan Hooley on Fairbanks Restart
ITC Board Decides on Restart in Fairbanks
Iditarod History Doc Promo
Jeff King Speaks From the Heart
Iditarod Live Breaking News Update
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Eye on the Trail: Vet Honored by Junior Iditarod

Junior Iditarod is her passion and this year Jayne Hempstead, DVM has been honored for her dedication to the race and the young mushers. The Junior Iditarod Board of Directors chose Hempstead to wear Bib 1 for the start of the Junior race. Hempstead could take her own team of sled dogs down the trail …

Eye on the Trail: Junior Iditarod Moved to Cantwell

After landing in Anchorage early this week, the real deal of NO SNOW is staring me right in the face. There’s no snow! It’s been warm and it’s even rained so that lakes aren’t looking too solidly frozen either. Driving north to Wasilla doesn’t improve the situation. I even heard someone comment, “Our winter is …

The Yukon Quest coming to an end Featured - Sebastian Schnuelle

I just saw Lance Mackey run by the dog yard in 3rd to last position, not a position where he usually finishes. He realized on his way to Dawson City, that racing upfront with a young team and in the bitter cold temperatures, which prevailed at the beginning of the race, was not an option. …

Meet the 2015 IditaRiders!

Meet the 2015 IditaRiders! The 2015 IditaRiders are in for a real treat as they take to the sleds for the ride of a lifetime along the first eleven miles of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race!  Meet them here, and be sure to cheer for them and their mushers and teams on Saturday!    *We’ll …

We Mourn the Passing of George Attla, a Legacy, an Icon, a True Spirit of Dog Mushing

George Attla passed away on Sunday, February 15, at the age of 81, surrounded by his family.   Attla passed away from B-cell lymphoma in the bone marrow.  Although we remember him as a legacy in the mushing world, his daughter, Amanda Attla, living in California, stated that she will remember him as “being a …

Iditarod Mushers in the Yukon Quest, Eagle Summit Featured - Sebastian Schnuelle

I am stuck at home, nursing a stomach bug. Had been taking metronidazole ( works well on dogs ) , discontinued taking it, and back to being sick. Really had hoped to hop on the snowmachine. I do have some eyes on the trail though, the photos in this story are from longtime friend and …

Iditarod Mushers on the Yukon Quest Day 7 and 8 Featured - Sebastian Schnuelle

Some thoughts about run- and rest times, and their relation to travel speed and dog numbers. Many people comment on how hard this year’s Yukon Quest is. The number of scratches. Well, the Yukon Quest has always had a high number of scratches and has always been hard. 45 and 50 below is nothing new, …

Ralph Conatser, Eagle Island Checkpoint Host Passes Away at Age 86

Eagle Island checkpoint host, Ralph C Conatser, age 86, passed away Feb 5, 2015, in Colville, WA. Born in Livingston, TN, Ralph traveled across the country working as a machinist. He moved from Oregon to Sitka, AK in 1965, where he added working as a commercial pilot and started commercial fishing from Sitka to Yakutat. …

Straw Packing Accomplished! Thanks, Volunteers!

Thanks Volunteers!  Packaging the straw so it is ready to be transported to the checkpoints is a BIG JOB!  We’re grateful for your help!           *Photos by Molly Farr                            

Iditarod Mushers on the Yukon Quest Day 6 Featured - Sebastian Schnuelle

John Schandelmeier, a fellow Yukon Quest Champion and fellow Arm Chair Musher has gotten himself in a hot seat with an article about scratching. Scratching a race is a very controversial subject. No musher makes that decision lightly, then historically looking, some rarely scratch like John himself, then others scratch more often like his own …