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Run Dogs RunMarch 6, 2013 1:30 am

Jeff King Speaks From the Heart
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Takotna Vets Vaccinate Local Dogs as Iditarod Leaves
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Keeping in Shape: Mushers and Teachers Prepare for the ‘Season’ By Philip Walters

As I panted along on my early-spring run today, I contemplated the following: “Wow, I’m REALLY out of shape.  How is it possible that I could be so out of shape after spending all winter running dogs?” There’s a common misconception out there that mushers just stand on the sled runners and enjoy the trip …

2014 Winter Raffle Winners

Click here to view a PDF Press Release listing the winners of the 2014 Winter Raffle.    PRIZE#     WINNER/TICKET #                                 PRIZE DONATED BY   1 John Kruse Taylorsville, UT Ticket # 3837 2014 Dodge Ram 4×4 Quad Cab, you pick color & options, or a similarly priced …

Why I Compare My Middle School Band Students to My Sled Dogs

Meet Philip Walters, a band instructor in the Anchorage School District.  Philip plans on running the Iditarod.  Why I Compare My Middle School Band Students to My Sled Dogs by Philip Walters As a public middle school band teacher, there are few things I enjoy more than a fun and energetic rehearsal, the type of …

ICE, ROCK AND WIND – My recount of the 2014 Iditarod… by Christian Turner

ICE, ROCK AND WIND -  My recount of the 2014 Iditarod… by Christian Turner As I loaded my sled onto the truck the morning of the 2nd march 2014…I thought to myself “this is it” 4 years of work all compounded into this day. It was up to me to take the reigns now, Dallas …

There Are No Words by Danny Seavey

There are no words. Iditarod 2014 Recap March 16, 2014 at 5:47pm Reposted with Danny’s permission.  I made it.  Thursday afternoon I finished my third Iditarod in 10 days 22 hours 17 minutes and 41 seconds in 35th place.  If you watched this year’s race, you’ve heard what we went through.  From the gorge and …

Anki Ødegaard, Journalist from Norway, Following the 2014 Race

I’ve been following Iditarod since 2003, when Robert Sørlie was the first European to win the race. From 2007 I was the press-contact for Team Norway and also their web-editor. To me Iditarod has been the race to follow. Back in 2007 I promised myself that if Robert Sørlie was ever going to race again; …

2014 Purse and Awards

  2014 Prize Money for Finishers (PDF Doc)    View the list of awards presented at the Nome Banquet.  (PDF Doc.)  

Eye on the Trail: Strawberries, Prime Rib, Dogs and Roses

When the lead dogs of the race champion are draped in yellow roses, the celebration of success concludes. Roughly 700 mushers, volunteers, fans, friends and sponsors gathered at the Nome Community Recreation Center to laud and applaud the accomplishments of the finishers of an Iditarod that will be remembered for a very long time. It’ll …

Eye on the Trail: Bits and Pieces Part II

Throughout the race when there has been enough bandwidth to support a SKYPE call, I’ve talked with several schools back home in Wisconsin. The students at one school had created a list of numbers, similarities and patterns. Aliy has captured second place in three consecutive Iditarod races. The time difference this year was 2:22. Dallas …

Eye on the Trail: 47, 48 & Red Lantern

Monica Zappa, Lisbet Norris and Marcelle Fressinea, all rookies, have arrived in Nome. The last musher to make the burled arch is asked to extinguish the Widow’s Lamp, an act that signifies all mushers are off the trial. The newly fallen snow slowed the trio of final mushers. Compared to the icy trail the coaches …