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This You’ve Got to See. 48 Hour Pass! (For non video subscribers only)

For the first time ever, the Insider Team is offering a 48 Hour Pass to see the exciting finish.

Want To See Every Musher’s Live Finish?

It is with that innovative spirit that the Insider Team has dreamed up a new idea for Iditarod fans. It is with a big collective smile that we are going to offer…

GPS: Behind The Numbers

Read why GPS is an awesome way to follow the this race. This article gives you a detailed list of what you get…

It’s Racing Day, Don’t Miss The Live Start!

It’s Racing Day. We’ve waited all year for it. The Insider Team has headed up to Willow to set up for the start of the 41st running of the Iditarod…

Jeff King Loves His Team

See the 2013 Ceremonial Start. Free!

Can you hear it? The quite rumble of something exciting? That sound is the Ceremonial Start for the 2013 Iditarod! It’s finally upon us…

Get the 2013 Race Preview!

The Insider Team is excited to offer the “2013 Race Preview” as a digital download for Iditarod Insider subscribers. Produced by…

A Video Message from Dallas Seavey

Dallas Seavey, last year’s Iditarod Champion, took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to video chat. He shared his thoughts with us about supporting the Iditarod by becoming and Iditarod Insider…

I Am An Iditarod Insider: “Ken”

Hear what Ken had to say about being an Iditarod Insider. Enjoy the race!

I Am An Iditarod Insider: “Paula”

Hear what Paula had to say about being an Iditarod Insider. Enjoy the race!