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Watch the Ceremonial Start Replay of Iditarod 41

Watch the Ceremonial Start Replay of Iditarod 41

Preview Iditarod’s GPS Tracker Free at Today’s Jr. Iditarod

Fans of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race can get a preview of the GPS Tracker used in next week’s running of Iditarod 41 by watching the Jr. Iditarod this weekend.

Watch The Aliy Zirkle Video Chat Replay Here

Aliy Zirkle spoke to the Iditiarod Insider on a cold morning from Fairbanks. Recorded on February 17, 2013.

Replay of Start, Re-Start, and Finish

For Iditarod Insiders – To view the replay of the live broadcasts please click the links below. Ceremonial Start Re-Start Winner Finish

Trail Notes from Bruce Lee at Elim Checkpoint

An analysis of the statistics shows we have quite a dog race on our hands coming into this final chapter of the 2012 Iditarod. Dallas Seavey left Koyuk this morning with Aliy Zirkle in hot pursuit. It’s obvious that they are going to fight this out to the end. Both teams trotted out of the …

Trail Notes from Bruce Lee; Sunrise on the Bering Sea Coast

With the first four teams resting in Unalakleet we have a chance to observe the condition of their teams and the mental state of the mushers themselves.  Most likely this year’s champion is sitting here right now.   Aliy Zirkle’s team came into the checkpoint at a fast clip, seemed extremely fresh and alert and rather …

Trail notes from Bruce Lee in Unalakleet

If you’re trying to figure out who has the strongest team and the best run/rest schedule of the top teams in this race you’re not alone.  For the first time in quite a few years there are a number of teams right at the front of the race rather than one or two teams duking …

TRAIL NOTES from Bruce Lee on the Yukon

I just left Ruby where most of the teams are now taking their mandatory 8 hour break .  If you aren’t familiar with the Iditarod rules, each team must take an eight hour break at the checkpoint of their choice, somewhere along the Yukon River.  Two favorite places to take this break historically have been Ruby and Kaltag. This …

Trail notes from Bruce Lee Heading to the Yukon River

Covering a lot of miles of the Iditarod trail today, I started the morning at the Takotna checkpoint watching the front teams pull out after their 24 hour layover. All of the top teams without exception looked revved up to go and in great condition. Of particular notice were Mitch Seavey’s, Aliy Zirkles’s, Dallas Seavey’s, …

Trail notes from Bruce Lee at Takotna Central

Teams were rolling into the Takotna checkpoint all night as the front runners hit this section of the Iditarod trail. Most have decided to declare their 24 hour layover here as this checkpoint is in an ideal location to benefit from a long rest.The teams have just come off of a long push from the …