Aaron Burmeister Breaking Trail to Koyuk

Aaron does not have the best conditions to do this long run to Koyuk. While the trail was glare ice a few days ago, it now has a thick snow cover.


It snowed a bit last night and now has been blowing all night. The trail was wiped from the earth. Yet his team is moving along, about 6 miles an hour, his leaders driving hard. We expect him in here within the hour!



I spotted a breathing hole next to the trail and stopped. A minute later a curious sea dog ( seal ) popped out. Maybe one of the mushers can put a harness on.




Enjoy the fresh trail shots He has about 2 more miles to go before he gets off the ice and then heads over the sandbars into town. The checkpoint is ready and waiting for Aaron’s arrival.


IMG_4424 IMG_4440 IMG_4459 IMG_4461 IMG_4463