Aliy Zirkle on the Move to Koyuk

Sorry for missing Aliy Zirkle going through Shaktoolik. She was too fast, or me having too long of a nap. We did catch her shortly after the shelter cabin near ” the rock “. The rock is the last place mushers travel on land, before really dropping onto the sea ice.


Aliy tired but smiling!


Aliy was about 2 miles out on the ice when we caught up. It was almost calm, very unusual for Norton Sound. Clouds have moved in and the temperatures soared to about 12 ABOVE!. Makes life much easier out there.


She stopped for a short chat. Of course any competitor wants to know a bit about the other mushers. When has someone left, how far have we come.


Watching the unusual trail spectacle


If the trail this slow the whole way ” This going to take me 10 hours, ” Aliy muttered. Naw, it will not be that bad. For once the trail is only 45 miles long, it can be up to 60 if the route goes overland. And her dogs looked way too zippy to be that slow. 

Enjoy the photos! Happy trails Sebastian