Aliy Zirkle Ski Poles into Koyukuk, Stays 4 Minutes

Aliy comes into Koyukuk ski polling along. good way to stay warm. She only stayed for 4 minutes and is taking the lead back from Jeff King. Most likely she will go 20 some miles further down the trail to Nulato and rest there. With all flat river running and no wind, it should be good going for her. Aliy likes to rest at Tripod Flats Cabin. It is a quite spot , there is usually running water in a nearby creek and it shortens the long run over the Kaltag Portage to Unalakleet considerably. 

Aliy has not taken her 8 hr layover yet, so she will need to do this now. Neither have Aaron Burmeister nor Mitch Seavey taken their 8 hr yet. All of their teams will get a nice long rest. I have not spoken to Jeff about how long he plans to stay. My guess would be around 6hrs after this long run, possibly even a bit longer, to get into a better time of the day. 

When Bruce Lee just came in to ask me for the ETA of the next 2 teams he asked: ” Did you see Aliy coming in, that was the most impressive thing I have seen all race”. Yes, her dog simply looked amazing.

Happy trails



(pictures by Tim Krause)IMG_0133


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