December 16, 2017

Checkpoint scenes

Normally I would post these on facebook, but facebook is blocked during the daytime hours here in the Nikolai school. Matter of fact, most schools we are using for Internet access throughout the race. They food is great here in Nikolai, so Musher are sure to stop into the cafeteria. Swapping war stories from the trail. ” Hey Paul, did you see Dee Dee plow into the team of Paige Drobny? How did that turn out “. ” what was Jeff doing parked all the way back in the trees and Tin Creek?” Bummer, looks like we missed some fun shot last night on the burn.

Currenlty some of the mushers are getting up and gearing to leave. The weather seems to be a concern. They daytime highs are supposed to be 36 tomorrow in Mc Grath, but even higher around 41 in Grayling for Friday. That will have to play into each mushers strategy.

Here a few checkpoint shots… 


Lance cutting his pants off, they are too long!!!!4V1A8231

The Champ chowing down

Aaron leaving and Ray coming in 4V1A8234


Ray , always strategizing 


Pete Kaiser all smiles4V1A8238 Aliy getting going


Lance trying to do math…. not as easy when you are tired


Lance telling his tales

4V1A8242Pete studying hard



Sonny Lindner
4V1A8247Master blogger Joe Runyan 


Master Race Judge Thomas Tetz4V1A8250

Nice collage4V1A8251

school life