Iditarod Live Coverage

If you have not already done so, check out the all new Iditarod LIVE Coverage. Not only will there be daily live reports form the studio in Anchorage with Joe Runyan and Danny Seavey, there will be LIVE coverage from most of the checkpoints. The Insider Crew will have a mobile Satellite unit with them. Not everybody has a super fast internet connection, myself included when I am at my place in Two Rivers, so I will also continue to do my a bit more low key reports from the trail, with good old fashioned writing and still photos. But for those of you with a fast internet connection, check out the IDITAROD LIVE COVERAGE.

Here a collection of this mornings pictures from the downtown start, which went off very smooth! Its time to load up gear here in Anchorage, and head over to Willow to get the Iron Dog ready!