Jeff King Into Huslia, the Team to Beat?

Jeff King just pulled into Huslia. And that was quite a sight. His team set a blistering pace from Galena. They kept an even speed, too.  Some of the other teams who came before Jeff slowed down to about 6 miles per hour during the last part of this run. The other team, who did not, if anything sped up a bit, was that of Dallas Seavey. He is resting for 24 hrs. now. 


Can you tell that Jeff is in a good mood?


Getting checked in, Jeff’s dogs pulled the hook. They were screaming for more. And there are 16 of them, too! A full string!  He ran this stretch 2 hrs. faster than the teams who ran it yesterday into their 24 hr. layovers. 2 hrs is pretty big! Now how long will Jeff stay here.


Jeff’s team


Aaron can leave at shortly after 10 p.m. It is unlikely Jeff is gong to stay 7 hrs. He should pull out of here first. Dallas has to wait till after midnight to pull the hook. Watching Dallas’s dogs eat, he for sure has a good thing going on too. Is Jeff the team to beat? Pr is it Aaron or Dallas? Exciting miles ahead, cold miles ahead, as tonight it is supposed to drop again! 

Both Aliy Zirkle and Mitch Seavey are camped out on the trail. It is nice to camp out this afternoon, about 0F. BUT. If they camp now, especially Aliy this close to Huslia, she is not going to stop here and most likely will camp out on the way to Koyukuk again. That one will be a cold campout. I am sure Aliy will think about her Yukon Quest days then.

Happy trails as we go ahed to Koyukuk and wait for the mushers there to stay off the trails and let them harden up for the night.




Jeff King almost into the checkpoint








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