March 13 12:14 pm Koyuk Dallas Seavey blows checkpoint, leap frogs Petit

March 13 12:14 pm Koyuk  Dallas Seavey blows checkpoint, leap frogs Petit


Dallas Seavey, with the gift of youth, appeared alert and collected as he checked in and out of Koyuk at 11:04pm   So, our strategies have diverted!!   Dallas rested at a shelter cabin and Petit has stopped in Koyuk and while both are ready for a MISTAKE from leader Mitch Seavey, a running battle for second has developed.

No longer driving his heavy dog hauler sled, Dallas was on the runners of his lightweight finishing sled in pursuit of Seavey the Elder.    Nic Petit, his dogs bedded down for an intended four or five hour rest, watched Dallas depart for Elim in a classic test.  

As Dallas departed, Petit prepared to leave Koyuk and tightened up his schedule.  He left third out of KOyuk at 11:56 am after having rested his dogs three hours.

Final Thoughts

Mitch Seavey guards his lead.  Dallas Seavey and Nic Petit pursue, but they fail to display the necessary speed to overtake.