March 14 2:35pm Petit is within 3 miles of DAllas, Could be a thriller to the finish for 2nd

Anyone following the marvelous tracker tool at the Insider can follow the action on the trail with Dallas seavey and Nic Petit, and I’ll do it too.  Check out the sub-plot of Dallas defending his 2 position with Nicolas Petit, who has been gradually getting closer to the 4x champ.  Dallas and Petit are just five miles from SAfety checkpoint and separated by three miles.  Certainly Petit can see Dallas ahead on the trail. Petit’s task is daunting as he most not only catch Seavey, he has to figure out a way to get his leaders to pass and then in a singularly more demanding exertion —–slingshot ahead.  Follow Insider live coverage and catch the action as GREG, Bruce and I call the action.