March 14 3AM Dallas and Petit within 13 minutes

A race between 2nd and 3rd could be a powerful sub-plot to Mitch Seavey’s dominant guard of 1st place.   Dallas Seavey and ten dogs arrived at 01 35am followed thirteen minutes later by Nicolas Petit and 13 dogs at 01 48am.   Both teams were lively, but a number of us saw Petit’s thirteen loping into the checkpoint and thought, “Petit could pass Dallas.” on the 77 mile trail to Nome.

Dallas’ cooker was already fired off as Petit put straw under his dogs and hustled to get his team rest and a meal.   Although Nic Petit did not actually eclipse Dallas into the checkpoint, his team has been able to reel him in over the last 250 miles.   For all practical purposes, it could be a head to head contest about 9 48am when Nic and team pursues Dallas.  If the team is animated, and allowing for the natural tendency for a dog team to  gather momentum on a scent trail ahead, he might be able to travel even with Dallas.

the moon well above the horizon when Dallas and Nic arrive two hours after Mitch SEavey into White Mtn.

AFter a 1,000 miles, one would think that tomorrow morning’s final run into Nome would be more enjoyable with a relaxed time with the dogs, viewing the scenery, contemplating the experience, thinking about family and friends waiting at the finish line, and taking one last view of the arctic expanse before returning to a normal schedule.  INSTEAD<  they are both in this for the final  bell round—-running up every hill, never taking their eye off their team, and hardly enjoying a moment without breathing hard.and turning into a sweat ball with every hill.  Honor will not let either give in to the other. What could have been a casual nine or ten hour ride into NOME has now become the ULTIMATE musher workout.   If you want, you can get exhausted!  

Final thoughts

Dallas SEavey and Nic Petit in a tight battle for 2nd.  Mitch SEavey quite secure at the front of the pack.