Teams Continue to Arrive in Nome

The siren continues to announce mushers at all hours of the day. The dog yard is getting pretty filled up. And I did it again, taking picture with no card in the camera…..

Some teams arrive with large and nice looking strings of 13 dogs like Mats Pettersson or 10 barking dogs of Lars Monsen who were eager to continue. Other like Ketil Reitan arrive with the minimum number of 5 dogs. We are now at the Top 30th, the last position which receives more than $ 1049 as every other finisher from now on receives. The recent mushers finishing were part of a large Scandinavian contingent which came over to race Iditarod. For many a lifelong dream came to an end. Quite a few of them had snowmachines follow along the trail and even film crews. Loud Norwegian greetings could be heard over the loudspeakers.

My reporting will come to a conclusion with this post, time to pack up the iron dog to be shipped back to Anchorage. Happy trails! Sebastian

Here are the pictures: