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Jamie Nelson

Hometown: Togo, MN

There are no records for this musher during the 1989 race.


Jamie Nelson, 57, was born in Washington. She began mushing in 1968 and when the Iditarod started in 1973, she said she would run it “some day,” which she did for the first time in 1989. The last time she ran, in 2000, she said, “I will never run this race again.” “What is it that keeps drawing us back to Iditarod? I resisted in 2003 but I can’t this year. I’ve tried, and here I am making out this entry form, wondering why I haven’t come to my senses.” She says that running in Kotzebue has been a great experience as she leaves the “real world” behind when she goes there. “Working as a member of Team Baker has brought some new blood to my kennel and I’m seeing the results in this year’s young dogs. Where better to test them than on the Iditarod Trail?” Our son, Eric (who ran the Jr. Iditarod), has changed his focus from dogs to Amanda and three little munchkins, Elizabeth, Jordyn and Garret. She says she and her husband, Ken, have a full life with the three little ones and all the “wet nosed furry friends in our back yard.” She also enjoys doing the Mushing Boot Camps where she trains others to train their teams and leaders. In the fall she holds events for all levels of mushers. When she isn’t mushing or playing with the grand kids, she enjoys bike riding and dog agility training.


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