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Joe Garnie

Hometown: Teller, Alaska

There are no records for this musher during the 1990 race.


Joe Garnie was born on June 27, 1953. He grew up in Teller and still makes his home there, where he is a carpenter. He began mushing when he was 6 years old and has been interested in the Iditarod since his uncle, John Komok, ran the very first Iditarod. Joe says, "I wanted to run the Iditarod one more time while I'm physically able to and to see old friends along the trail. Joe is married to Mary and they have six children, Ashley, 11 and Jazzly, 10, still at home and Emma, Josie, Blanche and Alissa, grown and gone from home now.  He lists his hobbies as raising and mushing dogs, raising his two daughters, fishing and smoking fish.