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Ramy Brooks

Hometown: Healy, Alaska

There are no records for this musher during the 1996 race.


Dog mushing is Ramy Brooks’ Athabascan and Yupik ancestry. Ramy’s great-grandfather, Arthur Wright, was an Athabascan interpreter for Hudson Stuck, the Archdeacon of the Yukon, as they traveled around Alaska by dog sled for the Episcopal Church. Ramy’s grandfather, Gareth Wright, won two North American championships and three Fur Rendezvous World Championships. Ramy’s mother, Roxy Wright, is one of the most respected sprint mushing champions, winning numerous North American championships and Fur Rendezvous World Championships. Ramy continues the championship dog mushing legacy. Raised along the Yukon River, Ramy helped train and care for the family kennel. At the age of four, he won his first dog race and by fourteen, Ramy had won each class of the Junior North American championship races. Already a junior champion dog musher, Ramy left Alaska for a few years spending time in the Navy and college. He returned to Alaska to pursue his childhood dream and continue his champion dog mushing career. Ramy began his competitive distance mushing career in 1992. In addition to the Iditarod and Yukon Quest, which he won in 1999), he has competed in mid distance races in Alaska and won a number of awards. In the off season, Ramy visits schools on behalf of sponsors, providing presentations and assemblies. His message is simple – set a goal, develop a plan, work the plan and commit to what it takes to succeed. To the school children, it means understanding the purpose of education in achieving their goals and committing to the success of that goal. Ramy mixes this message in with his own life and family, the trials and tribulations of the Iditarod and that of his dogs. Ramy, 38, and Cathy are the parents of Abby, 11 and Molly, 9. Ramy is a member of the Alaska Children’s Trust Board of Trustee, IOFC and Mush with P.R.I.D.E. He lists his hobbies as reading and hunting.