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Matt Giblin

Hometown: Sterling, Alaska

There are no records for this musher during the 1998 race.


Matt Giblin, 43, was born in Massachusetts. He attended Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, where he studied Communications and Psychology from ’89-’92. He became attracted to mushing after seeing it on ABC Wide Word of Sports in the early 80’s. He began mushing in Colorado in 1982 when he worked as a tour guide. He also worked in Montana as a residential framing contractor. He came to Alaska in 1996 and ran the Iditarod in 1998. He has continued mushing and moved back to Alaska from Montana to return to the Iditarod Trail. “I was born in Danvers, Massachusetts, the oldest of six and brother of many. I work for the Seavey family. In the summer I am the operations manager for Seavey’s Ididaride in Seward, AK and in the winter, the kennel foreman for Seavey’s Iditarod race team. Under Mitch, I am the lead trainer and produce a fine young team for the annual trek across the State. The Iditarod allows me to spread my wings as we travel to Nome.” He says his hobbies are traveling and family.