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Aaron Peck

Hometown: Grande Prairie, AB, CANADA

There are no records for this musher during the 2000 race.


Life began for Aaron in southern Ontario Canada in 1979. Growing up on his parents little farm Aaron was exposed to animals of all kinds. Life was full of excitement for Aaron. Working with animals and all of the care that it requires seemed to be just what Aaron was meant to do. After Aaron was able to witness the lditarod on TV as a boy he developed a keen interest in the awesome sport of dog mushing. Already a dog lover, combined with Aaron’s love for winter and adventure made the idea of running sled dogs too hard to resist. In 1992 when Aaron was 13 years old an old sled dog team joined the family farm. Training his dogs and going to mid distance races around Ontario was Aaron’s primary focus during his teenage years. Looking back Aaron thanks his sled dogs for keeping him out of trouble and teaching him to focus on setting and achieving goals. After several years of running his dogs in Ontario Aaron realized his dream of running the lditarod in Alaska was strong enough for him to head north. So when Aaron was 18 years old in 1998, he moved to Alaska to apprentice under Martin Buser, a 4 X lditarod Champion. Aaron spent two years under Martin’s guidance learning about what it really takes to prepare for and compete in the lditarod. After 2 years of training with Martin, Aaron ran in his first lditarod. Aaron returned home to Ontario with a plan. In 2005 Aaron made it to the lditarod once again, but this time with his own dogs. The logistical challenges of competing with his dogs in Alaska while living in southern Ontario needed to be solved. So in 2006 Aaron moved to Grande Prairie in northern Alberta. The Adam Buffalo Ranch was an ideal location for Aaron to continue building his lditarod team. Over the next few years Aaron and his dogs competed in numerous long distance races and also operated sled dog tours in Lake Louise and Panorama ski resort. Aaron’s skills with his dogs continued to develop during these years. In addition to running the lditarod 2 more times in 2009 and 2013, Aaron won the 2011 Canadian Challenge 320 mile race in northern SK, also after 5 attempts Aaron won the prestigious International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race in 2013, a gruelling 7 day stage race in the mountains of Wyoming. In 2012 Aaron began managing the Kleskun Hills Bison Ranch, also near Grande Prairie. Soon thereafter Aaron met his wife Eva while racing in Yellowknife in the Canadian Championships. Eva who is from Switzerland was no stranger to snow and competition, Aaron credits his marriage with Eva for taking his professionalism with his dogs to the next level. In 2014 Aaron and Eva re-branded their sled dog team as Elevation Sled Dogs. In addition to racing, Elevation Sled Dogs also offers tours to the Grande Prairie region. Aaron and Eva also began a dog boarding business in 2014. Currently Aaron and Eva have two children, Clancy 4 years old and Sunny 2 years old. After a 5 year absence from lditarod Aaron returned to compete in the 2018 race. Aaron and Eva along with all of the supporters are taking their dogs to a new level. The goal is to be competing at the front of lditarod within the next 3-4 years with the ultimate goal of becoming the first Canadian team to win the toughest race on earth – the lditarod.