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Ray Redington Jr

Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska


Ray Redington, Jr., 42, was born and raised in Alaska. He is a third-generation Iditarod musher. Ray’s grandfather, Joe Redington, Sr., is known as the “Father of the Iditarod” for helping to establish “The Last Great Race.” Ray’s grandfather, father, uncle and brothers have all competed in the Iditarod, which many believe embodies the rugged independence that defines Alaskans and their respect for a traditional way of life that goes back many generations. Running dog teams comes easily to Ray. He began as a young boy under his father’s direction. Ray entered is first Iditarod race in 2001. Since then, he has finished all 16 races he entered. Ray’s best finish to date was in 2013 when he finished fifth. It was not surprising that Ray should meet the love of his life while racing in the Jr. Iditarod. That was back in 1991. Ray and Julia married in 1998 and have two fantastic kids, Ellen and Isaac. As to be expected Ellen and Isaac also enjoy running dogs. Ray lists his hobbies as hunting and fishing.


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