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Rick Minard

Hometown: Newberry, MI


Rick Minard, 39, is a graduate of Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. He has a degree in Secondary Education/Social Science. He started watching the Iditarod on the Wide World of Sports when he was a child. He read books about the race and mushing during his pre-teens. He says, “I have always (as long as I can remember) wanted to run this race. I signed-up, qualified, attended the rookie meeting, packed and shipped my drop bags and then through a series of unfortunate events, I withdrew the day the race route was changed to Fairbanks. We, Al Hardman and I, had planned to get me there the following year. This never came to fruition. The 2003 winter was truly one of the most depressing periods of my life. This year, Al wants his yearlings to get Iditarod experience. I am fortunate to have a supportive wife and family and a job that gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams once again. Rick is married to Geri. His hobbies include camping, hunting, reading and writing.