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Peter Cohrs

Hometown: Hamburg, GERMANY


Peter Cohrs, 61, was born in Germany where he has spent all his life. In 1989 he came to Alaska for the first time and fell in love with its beauty and wilderness. He started training with Roy Monk, going on long training runs with camp stops on the way to Skwentna, Finger Lake and back. He says, "Those wonderful and exciting impressions left me with a deep desire to come back to Alaska and to keep running dogs." In 2004, he met Sven Haltmann. He says they formed a lasting relationship that has led him to training Haltmann's yearlings for this year's Iditarod. "My goal for my team is to teach them the ropes of long distance racing, to better prepare t hem for next year's Race." Peter is a retired railroad engineer. His Partner is Petra, who he thanks "for giving me up for so many months to allow me to follow my dream. Her support has been endless." Peter is the father of three adult children. His hobbies and interests are listed as family, dogs and soccer.


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