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2012 Iditarod » Mushers » Mike Williams, Sr.

Mike Williams, Sr.

Hometown: Akiak, Alaska


Mike Williams, 62, was born and raised in Alaska. He went to Chemawa Indian School in Oregon and attended Kuskokwim College and the University of Alaska, studying counseling. He went on to serve his country in the US Army. He says he’s been mushing “since birth.” He has run the Iditarod 14 times and the Kusko 300 20 times. Mike sat out the last three Iditarods while his son, Michael, Jr., competed. “I am running my 15th Iditarod for a cause that I really believe in, SOBRIETY! We always had dogs for transportation and for our survival as Yupiaq Peoples of Western Alaska. Upon retirement, I went back to Akiak to raise our children. We will continue to be involved in the ‘Last Great Race on Earth’ and other races throughout Alaska. It has been a huge honor to drive those dogs. Thanks to my family and sponsors who have enabled me to do these things.” Mike is a member of the Alaska Native Community and the National Congress of American Indians. He says he enjoys reading, karate, hunting, fishing, gathering and spending time with grand kids. Mike is married to Maggie. They have 5 adult children.