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Joanna Jagow

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska


I grew up half the year living in Fairbanks and half the year at my parent’s remote trap line cabin on the Porcupine River where we lived a subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping. My dad had sled dogs for running his trap line and this is where I got hooked on dog mushing! At the age of 7 I was following behind with a small dog team and as a teenager I dreamed of one day having my own race team. In high school I bought my very first sled dog and had my first litter of pups. As I completed college and my nursing degree I continued building my own kennel and started doing a few mid-distance races. In 2016 I finished my nursing degree and started working at Tanana Valley Clinic in the pediatric department and went on to work at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital inpatient pediatrics where I still work to this day! Over the past six years I’ve enjoyed competing in mid-distance races from Percy DeWolfe in Dawson to Kuskokwim 300 in Bethel. My dogs come from a mix of Mackey, Kleedehn and Cadzow lines and I’ve raised most of them since pups. My team and I are excited to finally get to see the Iditarod trail!


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