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2021 Iditarod » Mushers » Will Troshynski

Will Troshynski

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska, United States


Will, 35 was born in Wyoming but raised in Alaska. He was honored to learn to mush and be mentored by Martin Buser in 2000 and 2001 when he ran his first Jr. Iditarod. Martin passed on the very highest standards of dog care which shaped Will’s mushing career. Will went on to handle for mushers all across Alaska with a brief four-year hiatus for college in between. Throughout his handling, Will ran multiple 300-mile races, scooped a lot of poop and developed his own sense and philosphy of mushing. In 2017 Will and his spouse Shawn moved to Two Rivers, AK, to start ATAO Kennel. ATAO stands for “Adventure, Truth, Accountability, Onward” which encompasses the ATAO philosophy. ATAO focuses on keeping a small kennel so that each dog gets maximum love and investment. Will has had 18 dogs in training for Iditarod: Annie, Aurora, Belle, Cassidy, Egret, Emmy, Furiosa, Lincoln, Marnie, Max, Mungry, Nala, Ophelia, Rebel, Rey,Rogue, Sundance and Zenyatta. Will is open about his long struggle with depression and mushes to show that you can do big things while coping with mental health issues. Will also happens to be a trans man and races particularly for LGBTQ + youth. The motto of ATAO Kennel is “Onward”.