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Jeremy Traska

Bib Number: 5
Hometown: Two Rivers, Alaska, US


I was born and raised in Meridian, Idaho. I moved to Alaska in 2008 to study Mathematics at the University of Alaska Southeast, where I also had the opportunity to experience mushing for the first time working the summers as a handler for Gold Rush Sled Dog Tours. As the allure of sled dogs became overwhelming, I dropped out of college to pursue a career in mushing. In 2013, I started my own team and shortly after began training with Shaynee Seipke and Howling Ridge Kennel. The following year she changed her name to Shaynee Traska. Together, we have raised all but one of the dogs in our kennel from birth and fulfill our dream of exploring the Alaskan wilderness with our team. I currently work as a manager for Alaska Icefield Expeditions on the Mendenhall Glacier, as well as doing landscaping and snow removal with Mainscape.


Juelie Traska
John Traska
Toni and Scott Seipke
JIB Box, Marcia and Kevin Kennett

Shirley and Michael Gring
Alaska Icefield Expeditions
Zero DC

2021 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Deshka Landing N 3/07 14:06:00 14
Skwentna N 3/07 22:10:00 14 3/08 01:05:00 14 2h 55m 8h 4m 8.31 67
Finger Lake N 3/08 05:44:00 14 3/08 09:26:00 14 3h 42m 4h 39m 8.60 40
Rainy Pass N 3/08 12:49:00 14 3/08 17:57:00 14 5h 8m 3h 23m 8.87 30