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Cindy Gallea

Bib Number: 46
Hometown: Wykoff, MN


I began running sled dogs in 1987, initially recreationally and then racing. It has been an important part of my life since. The dogs inspire me, steady me, and create important balance in my life. I have lost track of how many times I have retired from Iditarod. But, now that I am retiring from my work as a nurse practitioner, I have decided to fully embrace Iditarod one last time. Doing what we love always makes sense.

2021 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Deshka Landing N 3/07 15:28:00 14
Skwentna N 3/07 22:08:00 14 6h 40m 10.05 Scratched 67