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Marcelle Fressineau

Hometown: Whitehorse, YT, CANADA


Marcelle Fressineau, 64, was born in Switzerland. She attended college there, where she received a degree in mathematics and science, and worked there as an adventure outfitter for 12 years. She began mushing in 1988 and starting thinking about the Iditarod when she saw a video in 1991 and was so impressed by these great dogs and by beautiful Alaska land that she dreamed of taking part in the race. She moved to Canada in 1995 looking for more space for dog mushing. She now lives in the Yukon where she raises her own Alaskan Huskies and operates an adventure outfitter business. Her goal was to enter one time, but as it turned out to be the best experience she had had with sled dogs, she is entering for the fourth time this year. Marcelle says, “I like the challenge and I like to share this adventure with my dogs. 2019 will be my last Iditarod.” “This time, it will be my last one. I like the race and the experience. To be ready for the race, I will train the dogs for 3000 miles. I like also all this time shared with the dogs. It will already be several adventures.” She lists her hobbies as “outdoor activities and writing books.”


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