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Lisbet Norris

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska


Lisbet operates Alaskan Kennels together with her partner Nils and her parents, JP Norris and Kari Skogen. For over seventy years the primary focus of the kennel has been to preserve and promote the original function and appearance of the Siberian Husky as a sled dog. The line of dogs produced by Alaskan Kennels are known as Anadyr (“anna-deer”) Siberians. Lisbet & her family are committed to maintaining the workability of the Siberian Husky and believe that participating in sled dog races, both sprint and distance, is the best way to benchmark the breed.

Alaskan Kennels has fielded a team in Iditarod every decade since the start of the race and Lisbet is excited and honored to represent her family kennel in the 50th running of ‘The Last Great Race’. When not training Lisbet operates Arctic Dog Adventure Co., a Fairbanks based ecotourism company that specializes in overnight and multi-day dog sledding trips across Interior Alaska and the Arctic.

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