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Lars Monsen

Hometown: Skiptvet, NORWAY


Lars Monsen will be 60 years old in April 2023. He has been a full-time adventurer for more than 30 years. He has spent more than 5,000 nights in a sleeping bag, more than half in winter often in extreme conditions. He loves fishing, chess, music and mushing–and of course his wife, singer and artist Trine Rein.

His expeditions include Across Canada on foot, in a canoe and on a dog sled for 947 consecutive days, 10 months on foot Across Alaska, 365 days Across Norway, 365 days in the north of Scandinavia and many expeditions lasting 30-90 days in Alaska, Canada, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Lars Monsen has written approximately 20 wildlife and survival books, he has led 15 national TV series (NRK) and he has given hundreds of talks and presentations. He fought Lyme Disease for 2.5 years and survived. He has his own outdoor gear and clothing brand, simply branded Lars Monsen, available in 100 stores in Norway. His motto is “Anything is possible!”.