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Jaye Foucher

Hometown: Wentworth, NH


I was a rock musician with two self-released CDs when I got a Siberian Husky puppy as a pet in 2000 and quite by accident discovered the world of dog-powered sports. Initially my intent was just to have some fun while exercising my dog and the next thing you know I’m living in NH with siberians and talking about running Iditarod someday.

These days I have a kennel of approximately 35 dogs, mostly ones I bred and trained from puppyhood, many of them are second and third generation Sibersong lines. My kennel and team are still heavily purebred Siberian Huskies with the remainder being Alaskan Huskies or Alaska- Siberian crosses.

I have been President of the North Country Mushers in NH for about 10 years now and have been involved with organizing events and races in NH such as the Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair and the Great North Woods Sleddog Challenge.

I have been dreaming about running Iditarod since I first learned about it, back in 2000. I only owned one Siberian Husky at the time but the race intrigued me. At the time I pretty much had ZERO what was involved with running it, it seemed like a grand adventure! But even after building a kennel, learning to run a large team and eventually completing my first multi-day race; even after reading some of the scariest stories about the challenges of the Iditarod trail; even after finding out just how much money, time, blood, sweat and tears it would take to get to this point, my desire to run it has never waned.